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  • Informed Technique
    Dance. Pilates. Suspension. The new workout designed by dancers: for dancers and non-dancers alike. Only at Informed Body.   Learn more

  • Pilates
    Achieve a high level of awareness, strength, resilience and flexibility. You’ll learn balance and how to correct imbalances.    Learn more

  • Redcord
    • 3-D Multipoint suspension training
    • 20 Years of medically proven results
    • Works for every body   Try it
  • Kettlebell
    "When we say strength, we mean kettlebell.
    When we say kettlebell, we mean strength."
    - Pavel Tsatsouline      Learn more

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Stay Informed


Suitable for all fitness levels. Redcord activates your body's neuromuscular system and dormant core muscles. It corrects muscle imbalances caused by pain, trauma or inactivity. Try it
Informed | Technique

Informed Technique is an exclusive workout that combines dance technique, ballet, and Pilates, on a custom built suspension system utilizing springs and resistance. Learn More